Thursday, April 25, 2019

Creativity and innovation management I'm witness Essay

Creativity and intromission management I&aposm witness - Essay Exampler hand a capacious number of people believe in order to run a invigorated business successfully the soul needs to rent a highly seminal mind that is capable of imagining without any boundaries.Amabile (2012) have mentioned that creativity defines a persons ability to generate innovative ideas or concepts that can pertinently solve relevant problems and can widen competitive advantage to the orgazanitions. An employee with high creative intellect allows the firms to gravel innovative product or services development and can also introduce new merchandise strategies which have not been tried beforehand. (Covin and Slevin, 1991) also added that in term of organizational success of a new firm, creativity is perhaps the biggest predicator. The increasing competiveness in the global business market has led the organizations to adopt initiative mover advantage so that they can offer products and services which have not yet been offered before and marketing or branding strategies that have not been tried before. This as a result allows the organizations to offer unique customer experiences thereby increasing their competitive advantage. Achieving competitive advantage is quite important for the new emerging business to overcome the barriers to entry created by the existing well established firms.Duxbury (2012) mentioned from a hypothetical perspective that creative thinking can emerge depending on different types of characteristics of the personality of the individuals. The types of characteristics have been indentified which are responsible for the creating thinking are, intrinsic indigence, domain oriented skills and creativity oriented cognitive process. The intrinsic motivation allows an individual to pursue a particular venture for his own interest. This type of personality is critical to creative nature of an individual it creates a strong sense of necessity within the individual, which forms the basis of the creative process. It allows the individual to stay persistent in tough

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