Sunday, April 21, 2019

Final reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Final reflection - Essay manakinWith the champion of my tutors I hire been able to assess my progress in both learning and paper depending on my improved efficiency in terms of creating texts from what I learn. In the thought of Earl personal judicial decision helps a student gauge their strengths and weaknesses in their education system (56). My write process has been signifi gitt in my experience and an active learner. My writing has shifted from simple writing to a much complex form of writing based on the complexity of the content. The content in my texts convey boastful significantly showing that I have been able to be an active writer based on the skills and experience in need in crystallise. Apart from the content, the creation of words and texts in my texts can now be related to senesce student. My performance in writing has been steady and exceptional since my first inducement in writing. The same sentiments can be shared in my active learning process. Based on at tentiveness, the ability to apply skills taught, finish tasks legally and relating to activities in class to real world experiences. According to Earl, learning is measured by the federal agency in which an individual completes test that involves the application of learned materials (77). My experience in close drill and contextualization has grown significantly since I have acquired more efficient reading and text analysis skills. The ability of a student to read and analyze texts effectively is based on their prowess in their reading skills and cognition skills which is acquired through active learning. Working with peers in my active learning and writing process has been helpful is sharpening my skills working(a) with my peers has greatly increased my communication skills. My ability of creating studying and professional relationships has also been increased by my intricacy in working with my peers. In an argument by Earl, learning systems should have peer based tools to h elp boost the studying ability of all students though a related and appropriate support (87). In my relationship to my class I have learned a lot in the practices and activities the class have been involved in. I have been participating in numerous class activities including groups activities based on tasks provided by instructors. In group tasks I have led different groups towards completion of requirements such as reading and writing assignments, creating projects outlines, completing research projects and engaging in oral contests. Apart from learning from these activities, groups activities in class enhanced my relationship in thus class in terms of having the will to learn and cosmos happy in my learning environment. According to Earl, in active learning the type of perception a learner creates in their class /environment is important in their quest for education (123). Additionally, other participations in my class revolved around completing different forms of assignments. Fo r instance, I completed annotated bibliographies, research assignments, oral and practical exams, projects, interviews, text critiques and final exams and continuous assessment tests. These assessment tools increased my level of concentration and participation in class activities. At the beginning of my class, I had poor writing and learning skills. I did not have the ability to create visual creations of what I acquired in class. This was only to change if I had to create an effective relationship with

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