Thursday, May 2, 2019

Federal elections and policy implications in 2012 Research Paper

Federal elections and polity implications in 2012 - Research Paper prototypeThere be often different types of federal policies in the United States. These policies are usually subdivided agree to the subject matter. The form _or_ system of government issues Almanac provides the background upon which information, links, and archived documents to cardinal Americas public policy issues are organized and categorized (Gleick, Christian-Smith, and Cooley 13). The United States has divided its public policies into nine categoriesCriminal justice that include destruction penalties, drug policies, and gun controlsCultural and social policies including abortion, art, and civil rightsEconomic personal matters policies that include taxes and budgetsEducation policies that constitute elementary, secondary, and higher educationEnvironmental policies that concentrate on global warming and quality of airpolitical science operation policies that shape the campaign financing reforms and the p rivatizationHealth care policies that include health insurance and Medicare mixer welfare policy that deals with social security and welfareForeign affairs and national security policies that govern sp ratiocinationing on the national defense... Notably, during the 2007 elections, president Obama promised much on the economic recovery. At the end of his first tenure, it seems that he did not deliver fully as he had promised and the economy that was affected by Bush policies and administrations still moved to the worse. These facts have made the economic affair policy surround kind of volatile for either party (Coleman 127). Regardless of who could have won the 2012 presidential elections, the economic affair policy environment still remains heated. Additionally, the health policy was also a significant issue in the 2012 presidential campaigns. Despite the differences in opinions concerning the appropriate health care policies to be enacted, at some tailor Mitt Romney at one point a greed with some elements of the Obamacare (Gleick, Christian-Smith, and Cooley 21). Regardless of these agreements in opinions, the health affairs policy environment also remained a heated campaign throughout the campaign period. Other policies were viewed as one party or presidential aspirants show. For instance, president Obama mainly addressed the cultural and society policy on same sex marriage. Regardless some significant policies were not given concentrationthey deserved. For instance, the environment policy is a radical policy that not only threatens United States but the entire globe. The environmental policies are the concerns of the citizens since from the 2008 election campaigns it seemed the sure way of providing the cheap energy alternative (Gleick, Christian-Smith, and Cooley 54). The 2008 presidential campaign captured the care of numerous Americans since the DRILL, baby, drill promised Americans cheap and reliable energy that was to be produced at home rather

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