Thursday, October 17, 2019

Corporate governance in Olympus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Corporate governance in Olympus - Essay Example This had to be initiated since the company was making a difference in the market with outstanding potential share. In 1950, Olympus started the diversification of its product offerings in medical systems, health care equipment, and then moving forward to SLR cameras and world’s first Microcassette recorder (Olympus Imaging America Inc., 2012). As a highly innovative company relying on its ability to give more value for its customers, Olympus continued responding to the market’s needs for products such as â€Å"clinical blood analysers, powerful microscope systems, and breakthrough digital cameras† (Olympus Imaging America Inc., 2012). After 93 years, today, Olympus seems to be so proud about its achievement from the past until at present while it continues to create the same enthusiasm in producing its product offerings and creating value for customers through its high standard quality product and service contributions in the market. From a very simple microscope, the world’s needs for clinical equipment moved to a higher standard. Olympus then started to produce products like â€Å"acoustic microscopes, ultrasonic endoscopes, reagent AIDS detection, digital voice recorders, and best-selling camera like the Infinity Stylus† (Olympus Imaging America Inc., 2012). Olympus therefore provides equipments and devices for medical and healthcare, imaging and information, and industrial applications (Datamonitor: Business Information Centre, 2007). Olympus is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan while the rest of its satellites or branches are situated in Europe, Asia and Americas. It has centralised structure, aiming to produce new innovative ideas, technological advancement, and a cut-above-the-other-manufacturing performance, consistently. The company is organised into different segment divisions such as imaging system business, medical systems business, life science business, information and communication business and other businesses (Datamonitor: Business

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