Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Modern Art and Postmodern Art Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Modern Art and Postmodern Art - Thesis Example The paper "Modern Art and Postmodern Art" presents different styles of the modern and postmodern era. The following paper will outline post modernism and modernism in art through an argument that claims post modernism art captures styles from past periods and mixes them in a way which ignores their original use and redefines their use. In relation to visual arts, a work of art refers to physical two dimensional or three dimensional objects that are professionally established to fulfill a primarily aesthetic function. An artist’s â€Å"body of work† may also be considered as a work of art. The term is very popular in art galleries, museums, cultural heritage curators by the interested community. Objects that document conceptual art works but are not necessarily accepted by artistic conventions may also be classified as art objects. Visual arts can be referred to as art practices that make works that are naturally graphic. This may include ceramics, drawings, painting, sc ulptures, printmaking, design, crafts, as well as modern visual arts, such as photography, film making and architecture. Included within visual arts are the applied arts, such as interior design, graphic design, fashion design and industrial design, as well as decorative art. There exists a growing tendency of some regions of the world to increase the privilege of painting and sculpture. In the Western and East Asian culture, painting has been seen as portraying, to a very high degree, the imagination of an artist. According to the Chinese, scholar painting was the most highly valued style of portraying art. What makes an art work influential? The following paper will provide an analysis of various works of art and how they have developed over time to serve their purpose. Every generation is outlined by imagery. Possibly, the nineties was the grime association for the present generation. For the eighties, the iconic figure of Madonna led the generation from its grim point. For every century, there is an incidence that describes a generation and for each occasion, there is a picture that catches the moment. Such artworks noticed by the generations that have experienced hardships make artworks inspiring and influential. No individual ought to be immune from disapproval. As a result, works of art are not even the countless masters of art world, they are human beings. Artists have to treat their artworks as they look at acclaimed workings of prodigy made by artistes far skilled than we are. Connections between the various

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